black and brights

“Black and Bright” is what I named this quilt

Today is Robin’s birthday.  Our daughter is 49, I can’t be old enough to have given birth to her!  Robin and husband Ryan live with their three teenagers in Salt Lake City.  They also share their rather small home with three large dogs, two Leonbergers and a growing puppy being given pre-training to potentially become a seeing eye dog, but that is a different story.

robin and seneca

Robin and Seneca during a visit last fall

Thea, Tanner and Maya with dogs!

Thea, Tanner and Maya with dogs!

Robin is a creative person, very giving and always on the lookout for something nice she can do for others.    I remember the day she packed up a supper and drove to the airport in San Francisco with her little kids so we could eat together when I was there between flights.

We have many grown children and I usually don’t do much to acknowledge their birthdays, a card, maybe a phone call or email message.  But Robin has had a rough few months and is actually in the hospital at the moment recovering from surgery which took place earlier this week.  Something special was called for.  A week ago I was finishing a quilt top which I had intended to give to a foster child, when I thought about how its bright colors would appeal to Robin.  It needed to be quilted and Ted helped me load it onto the quilting machine.  But I am still in the early stages of mastering the machine.  No luck, something was causing it to stitch very slowly.

I emailed my friend Marilyn who has an amazing knowledge of things that are mechanical and quilty.  She send back a couple of suggestions and concluded her message saying that if I couldn’t get the quilting machine going, I should bring the top to 4-H on Monday and she would quilt it on Tuesday and bring it to me at Quilt Club on Wednesday ready to bind.

So, that is what happened.

putting on the binding

Attaching the binding

I mailed the quilt on Thursday and she should have it today, for her birthday.  It is nice to think of her snuggled in the bright quilt, recovering on the couch, dogs at her feet and kids bringing her tea!  Happy birthday Robin!

Luckily I have enough fabric left to make another quilt like this for a foster child!

ready to wrap

Ready to wrap