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Harmony’s Baby

We are taking some time off from foster parenting and I have had time to do some sewing recently.  I made quilts for three new babys whose Moms I have gotten to knew at the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe.  It is such fun to make a quilt for a baby!  And these are real cuties.


Karleigh Rose


Anika and her baby boy.

I also finished quilts for our daughters, Holly and Heather, which I delivered when we visited them in Arizona a couple of weeks ago.

Heather with Dad

Heather with Dad


Holly with her quilt

I made a Halloween quilt, just for fun and finally finished the quilt for our bed at the house in Ocean Shores.


Halloween quilt


New quilt for our bed at Ocean Shores

Now I am working on  some new projects, the tulips are made from completed blocks I was given.


Tulip quilt in process

In other projects, the little 4-H sewing club we started three years ago has grown to 11 members.  Here Marilyn, my helper, is helping the kids make “burp pads” for moms in the First Step program.  This is the kid’s community service project.

4-H sewing 2015

4-H Club

basketsFullSizeRender (11)_edited

Cedar Baskets

This weekend I took a basket weaving class.  I have always admired cedar baskets made in the Native style.  With lots of help and support I completed these four projects.  My favorite, the one in the center, is made with cherry bark and cat tail as well as cedar.

I miss the foster kids but have to admit I am enjoying having time to be creative!!

fish 1

There was no school on Thursday so we decided to take the family for a visit to the Seattle Aquarium. I remember visiting the Aquarium when I was small, with my Grandmother. Then it was dark and the floor was wet, it smelled strongly of dead fish and you couldn’t see the fish very well. That building was replaced years ago and the place is now a delight, bright and beautiful.

Seneca enjoyed the “tide pools” where she could put her hands in the water and touch the creatures.  raven measured himself to compare with a shark.

Seneca tide poolraven measure

My favorite was the colorful displays of tropical fish.   Could I make a quilt like this?  fish 6

fish 3 fish 4 fish 5

After we had seen everything we walked along the Waterfront to Ivar’s Fish Bar. This restaurant specializes in clams and is a Seattle tradition. In fact, Ted and I ate clams there the first time we went out together, 56 years ago.   We ate outside despite the drizzle, after all, we were in Seattle.

regal sea gull

This regal sea gull is actually a real begger!


Raven and Seneca  raven   Seneca

I was able to take a few snaps of the kids.

Our next stop was a visit to our grandson Aidan. He is Tad’s son and after Tad died, his wife went to live near relatives in Maine. We are pleased that Aidan has returned to Washington to go to Evergreen State College in Olympia. It was evening by the time we got there, but we had a nice visit and he posed with Seneca and Raven in front of the Long House.

Ilong Houseaidan

Now we are at Ocean Shores, experiencing a stormy weekend. We love it here!!!  However, yesterday two cars got swamped on the beach, must be careful!!


Photos: Dead batteries leave cars buried in Ocean Shores surf