Pink and turq

Blue Ribbon Winner

merrily with prizes

The excitement of preparing for the fair over for another year. All of the sweat and tears are forgotten. Seneca and Raven each came home with a handful of ribbons. 4-H has very strict standards and the kids managed to meet them. Here Raven is shown with his sewing projects and he made a canoe paddle and entered plants as well.

raven with prizes

Raven with his quilt and paddle

raven pillowi

Raven’s paddle

Seneca did well too. She has a lap full of projects she has made including a small quilt and a cat pillow case.

seneca with prizes

Seneca with her sewing projects

seneca quilt

Kitty pillow case and doggie blanket

I entered the open class with three of my quilts, one of which earned a blue ribbon! The fair is part of the annual routine for our family. We entered 4-H projects when I was a kid. Help[ing the kids do it some sixty years later provides a continuous path in our lives.


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