sewing gifts

Seneca and Raven sew at home.

Seneca and Raven have both been interested in learning to sew.  They beg to use my sewing machine and I have encouraged them, teaching them the basics.   I like to sew but am not a good teacher for them because, of course, Mom doesn’t necessarily know how to do things.

I wanted to enroll them in a 4-H club with a sewing project, but wasn’t having much success in finding one.  Luckily I did find a friend in the quilt club, Marilyn, who has taught children to sew and was interested in working with a new group.  A perfect match, I could work on organizing things and she would teach.

4-H meeting

Working on their project

raven at 4-H

Marilyn helps a beginning sewer while Mom watches

We joined with an existing 4-H club in the area, “Pure Country” that offers lots of projects.  They had a sewing group but most of the sewers has recently graduated from high school, and the leaders stepped down.  Perfect timing for us.

We had our first meeting in December.  Six potential sewers came to the first sewing and textiles 4-H meeting.  Each child completed their first project and most made a Christmas ornament as well.

Seneca stuffing

Seneca and friend stuff a small pillow

tissue holder 2

Tissue holder, a first project

pillow and tissue holder 2

Raven made the pillow, tissue holders were given for gifts.

I was a 4-H girl myself and I still get together with some of the women from our 4-H club that was started nearly 60 years ago. 4-H has had a very positive influence on my life and I hope Seneca and Raven ey will learn some of the skills and values and that they will serve them well.

4-H Apron 2

This is the apron I made in 4-H all those years ago!!

4-H clover