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black fish song

Black Fish Song

Let me start by saying, I am aware that two of my photos are in sidewise this morning.   We are getting ready for a birthday party for one of our foster kids today and I don’t have time to figure out how to change them right now, sorry!!

I get excited when I hear the words “pow wow.” I picture the colorful dancing, drums and chanting. When it was announced that a group would be going from the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe to the spring pow wow at the University of Washington I was eager to go along. Seneca and Raven were to participate in the opening exercise with tribal members.

elwha entry

Elwha Entry

Elwha group singing

Elwha group singing


Since our group was first up, many of the other people were still gathering and getting ready.

This young lady was getting her hair braided.
hair braid
And these two boys were getting their feathers arranged. When not being worn, feathers and hung on stands to protect them from damage.


The costumes were amazing, so colorful.   At the beginning all dancers enter and dance around the floor, then the competitions begin. There were competitions for dancing, singing, best costumes and so on. The dancing and singing was to go on for two days.

more color
best far


Wendy prepared peanut butter and jam sandwiches for all of our group.

As we left that evening, after a full day of celebration, Raven asked, “Can we come back tomorrow?”

A few days later we attended the Blessing of the Canoe, which was held behind the Tribal Center. Prayers were said for safety for all who will travel in the tribal canoe. The ceremony concluded with a song done by the drum group.   I am happy our kids are having an opportunity to participate in these traditions.

blessing canoow

“Go for it” said Ted, and I knew he was right, the family could get along without me very nicely for five days.   Right?

beautiful spot - Copy - Copy

St. Andrews on Hood Canal


A chance to sew all day, get to know some new people and relax in a beautiful setting was too much to pass up.

Set at the foot of Hood Canal, the setting is magical. The log “mansion” called St. Andrew’s was built by a wealthy Seattle family who came here for the summer in the 1920’s and it was fun to think about that family with kids running up and down the stairs to the balcony and sitting in front of the fireplace. It was tempting to walk on the beach, but I was focused on sewing.

I decided to start in something new, fresh fabric from my stash and a new but simple pattern, something I could finish in a couple of days. Ted helped me cut the fabric before I left so when I got there I was ready to sew.

apples full

Apple quilt


apples up close

Apple quilt up close


I drew the lucky seat, the best view for sewing. There were beautiful views in every direction, however.

view from my seat

View from my sewing table


quilting room

The quilting room, this had been added to the original house.


The cook was amazing. He is a priest whose mission is to feed folks local, healthy and nutritious food, and that he did. Vegetables, herbs, cheese, ice cream, yoghurt, meat, and seafood were all grown or produced locally. He created his own salsa, granola, and special herb tea which he served cold. We feasted at every meal.

in line to eat - Copy - Copy

Lining up for a wonderful meal


Our room was tucked under the rafters, set up with bunk beds, though there were only two of us so no one had to climb. Each bed was made with a homemade quilt, made by a previous quilter.

For fun, I made a cloth paper doll for each of the 13 other women attending and we had fun choosing outfits for each of them. Then they got creative and began making quilts for their dollies.

paper doll 4

Playing with paperdolls, this one was doing a dance


pd on sewing machine

This paper doll now decorates a sewing machine


brenda - Copy - Copy

Brenda with her paper doll

I am an early riser and I enjoyed sitting by the fireplace and doing some hand sewing as folks assembled each morning.

morniing quilting - Copy

Early morning quilter


fireplace - Copy - Copy

A view of the fireplace


experiment - Copy - Copy

An experiment

Many beautiful quilts were sewed during the week.

Each of us also made a “Joy Quilt” a small quilt to be wrapped around a stuffed animal and given to a child in a time of crisis. Some of our foster children have arrived with animals wrapped in “joy quilts” so this was a project I was committed to doing!

Joy quilts - Copy

Some of the cheerful joy quilts.


anna with joy quilt

A foster child received a stuffed elephant wrapped in a joy quilt.


The joy of sharing with other women, creating beautiful things while being fed tasty and healthy food, in a beautiful setting, it can hardly get better than that!