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stack of fabric

I was driving home from Port Townsend where I had delivered Nyima, the friend who lives in the Himalayan mountains in simple a hut and practices the Buddhist lifestyle there. We had discussed her philology and her words for me were:

Learn what is essential

Learn what is enough.

On the way home my phone rang, Ted telling me that there was an estate sale of a quilter going on and he had checked it out, there was lots of fabric and they were selling it cheap.

Hoping to add to my collection of scrap fabrics, we met and drove there when I returned to town and I gathered an arm full of lovely fabric, large pieces, being sold for a very good price.


Enjoying the smooth, colorful fabric

Bringing it home I soon realized that it had a strong smoky small, the owner had been a smoker. No matter, I began washing, drying and ironing the fabric, enjoying the feel and the colors of the lovely fabric, sorting and stacking it, and thinking about the quilts I would soon be making. Feeling that surely I would put the fabric to good use and  I could consider it “essential.” After all, I make a new quilt for each foster child who stays with us and recently that had been a lot of children!

On Sunday Ted reminded me that everything left at the sale would be sold for half price so we went back, and saw that there was still heaps of fabric to be sold. I picked out another armful.

And then I heard Ted, he was negotiating to buy ALL of the remaining fabric.  And in a flash it was ours.

We filled boxes and bins and fortunately he also bought a nice rack suitable for storing fabric.

Piles of fabric

Our bedroom was covered.

Our bedroom, which is also my sewing room, was covered with stacks of fabric. I began washing and ironing the piles, a project that was to take me over a month to complete.

Three hundred twenty four yards! Now all folded and clean on my new shelf. A friend told me I had reached the point of FABLE, Fabric Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy.

And Nyima’s quote from Lau Tzu “Do the difficult while it is easy.” Now I have the easy, part, creating beautiful quilts with this beautiful fabric.


Andrea with Merrily

Merrily with Nyima on her recent visit to Lake Dawn.

See my blog “My Advisor, my Mentor, my Friend” for my information about Nyima


These “scraps” remain to be washed and sorted. They will make great accent pieces for my quilts.



Rough housing


The blog I had planned for today isn’t ready. So instead I am going to fill you in on a little of what is happening here.

s and R on the Elwha

Seneca and Raven at Olympic Hot Springs with friends


For some reason I don’t completely understand, we now have 8 kids here. Seneca and Raven of course, and the 17 year old who has her baby. The baby is now a year old and walking and the girl will turn 18 this week and is moving to independence.   She is packing her things and will be saying good bye very soon.

The four year old who has been with us for 6 months or so remains in our home. She is a sweetie most of the time and if finally speaking some words. Yea!!

A gentle 11 year old girl has been with us for a couple of weeks. She had an aunt that she will probably be going to live with soon.

Then, last week we got a call about a sister and brother 10 and 13 in need of a place for “just one night.” We knew the children, we had cared for their older sister a year or so ago. They were a welcome addition, very nice children and when we were asked to keep them until after school is out, we agreed.

All this means taking two cars for deliver everyone to school in the morning.  We sit shoulder to shoulder at our little dining room table, and kids are all enjoying each other.

We had planned a camping trip for the weekend and decided we could do it, and the kids had a great time playing in the silt deposited along the banks of the Elwha River. As we sat around the camp fire and talked and laughed I marveled again how new kids could seem like family so quickly.

So, I’ll write my planned blog for next time, meanwhile I am enjoying the children as they come and go.


Anna with Joy

Holding one of my precious dolls.


quilt finds a new ho,e

Each foster child gets a quilt and she loves hers as you can see.