a motor home

We pull our little blue car behind the motor home.

Vacation at last!  The State of Washington provides respite care for our foster children from time to time, so it was to be just Seneca, Raven, Ted and me.

We were headed for Maryhill, on the Columbia River in Eastern Washington.

a looking across the riverk

Beautiful blue Columbia River

a maryhill from bridge - Copy

Maryhill from the bridge

The kids could hardly wait for swimming and they splashed in the river for hours.

a swimming

Swimming in a safe spot

a approching stonehange

Stonehenge in the distance

The next morning we drove a short distance to a replica of Stonehenge in England. Build by Sam Hill, it is dedicated to the World War I soldiers who were killed during the war.

a stonehenge full

Seeing Seneca and Raven you can tell how large this is.

a stonehenge close

It looks like the original

a S and R at stonhenge

Seneca and Raven lean against a pillar

Beautiful windmills sit on the hillside above Stonehenge and we drove up to get a closer look.

a many windmills - Copy

From a distance they look like match sticks

a windmill up close

But you can tell how large they are by the stairway at the bottom. They lean from pressure from the wind.

a windy flats

Appropriately named!

The view was more desolate from up there and rocky on the way down.

a landscape

Miles of flat on top of this plateau

a rocky hillside

Cliff going down to the river.

a peaches - Copy

Sweet and juicy peaches

Back in camp, we visited the local orchard and began feasting on peaches, still warm from the trees.

a stones

Pretty stones

And one of my favorite activities is picking out pretty rocks from the river bank.

a raven is taller - Copy

Raven is a bit taller!

On the trip home we stopped for some shopping and I realized, walking behind them, that Raven is taller than Ted. When did that happen?