Lots of little shoes

“…a few days” was what I heard the caseworker say when she asked if we could take two little ones into our foster home for a short time.  They were from a neighboring county, there were no foster homes available there, and the kids had relatives who could possibly take them but they had to be “checked out” first.    I was already thinking that we could help out when she told me their ages, one had just turned two and the other was seven months.  Two babies in diapers sounded like a lot, but for “a few days”  we should be able to manage.   That was in November.  Three months later, last Friday they rejoined their Mother, which we hope will work out for all of them.

no fear of santa

No fear of Santa at the Klallam Christmas party

These two were some of the nicest kids ever.   The older one was a girl.  She would get up smiling each morning and would greet each family member with joy every time she saw them.    She didn’t talk much, especially at first, but gradually she learned to say “please” and “thank you” in her sweet piping voice.  She loved Seneca and called her “Yaya.”  Seneca spent many hours playing with her with her dolls.  The little guy was also a cheerful baby who rarely fussed.  He liked to get up early with Ted and would sit beside him in the big chair watching as Ted checked the internet on his lap top.  He mostly laid on his back at first but gradually learned to roll over, move around and was crawling and scooting around the house when he left.  Raven especially enjoyed him, loving to make him giggle.

craft project home depot

Ted helping construct a project at Home Depot

The house feels a little empty without them, I keep thinking it is time to feed or change and listening to be sure they are OK.  We miss the little guys, are glad they shared the past three months with us, and are praying for the best for them.

three with quilt

I made them each a quilt, here the little guy is admiring his.


Copy cat with the binoculars

Raven binoculars

Raven shows her where to look for the eagle