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Do daughters of doll collectors become fans of dolls as well? There has been a recent discussion on my doll email group, about daughters and dolls and how some daughters of collectors love them and others just aren’t interested. With Seneca I am not sure yet, she loves certain dolls, but I have no influence, she chooses what she likes.

holding dolls

A handful of dolls


Arranging the doll house, lots of choices


Many dolls and lots accessories and clothing too

A friend helped us get this wooden doll house which sits in the family room and gets many hours of play.  It is the first thing visiting children want to play with.  It is peopled by little plastic dolls which Seneca calls “Polly Pockets.”  Their clothing is colorful and made of mostly of flexible plastic.  The dolls, for the most part, have come from garage sales or from the Goodwill and she has a large collection.    The furniture, mostly wooden, is almost to scale and she has some plastic furniture as well.

seneca doll house

The doll house is wooden

Seneca, and sometimes her older brother, who will remain nameless in this blog, spend hours in imaginative play, stopping intermittently for an argument.  Right now they are getting ready for a party where they plan to perform a song for the guests.  And they are hunting for a puppy who seems to have disappeared.  And now they have morphed into home school, which they think would be terrific until I remind them that I would be the teacher.

These two dealt with a lot of unpleasant stuff as little kids and I tend to think they are working through that rather than loving the doll aspect, but time will tell.  I hope we have a budding collector!

I need to share a letter Seneca delivered to me yesterday.   I am saving this for one of the times I feel like throwing in the towel.

letter from Seneca

As for me, I spent part of the weekend creating a doll quilt which will go with items made by other doll collectors, into a raffle to raise money for the United Federation of Doll Clubs. I took this photo in MY doll house, which is upstairs in our doll “museum.”

Wendy admiring the new doll quilt, which will be given away

Wendy admiring the new doll quilt, which will be given away

Mary's quilt

We have lived in this house for nearly 18 years but had never  repainted inside the house.  Recently, after much discussion about color, Ted started in the dining room. It is now a citrus and cream shade of green with a darker green accent, in the areas where we get the most fingerprints. This meant changing things a bit and updating what we had hanging on the walls. My friend Mary, who died last summer, is the person who got me started quilting. She created “art” quilts in her later years and she named one after me. I was thrilled when her daughter offered to send it to me. It is actually a wall hanging, and it takes center stage in the new arrangement.

Merrily by Mary

“MERRILY” by Mary

Ted and I have enjoyed the paintings of Joan Kickbush She is famous for paintings of native children in Alaska. Ted has a two of her paintings in his office and there is one hanging over the couch in our family room.   The painting that we have moved to our dining room was painted in the 1970 with green overtones (remember avocado green refrigerators) and we had it hung very high in our two-story entry way because the green color was a bit overwhelming. However, it is perfect on the new green wall next to Mary’s wall hanging.

Painting by Joan Kickbush, now in our dining room

Painting by Joan Kickbush, now in our dining room

Notice the little doll being pulled on a sled!

This move left space in the entry way for the new snowy owl wall hanging which I just finished yesterday.  It is big and bright and it needed a quiet corner where the owl could look down without being disturbed.  I am very happy with the new arrangements.

Owl hanging

I still love to play with dolls. I like to dress them and arrange them and make up little stories to go along with them. And I am not alone, there is yahoo group of doll people who are fans of an American doll artist and creator, Wendy Lawton of Turlock, California. These people have become friends and we see each other from time to time at doll conventions around the country. Each month we have a theme and we create photos or stories to go with the theme. January’s theme has been “Favorite Season” and I put sweet Patty in the nursery, waiting to go outside to play on a warm spring morning, wearing her little knit sweater.

patty right

Waiting to go outside to play

I have been helping to coordinate prizes members donate for the monthly drawing and I was surprised and thrilled to receive a beautiful hand crocheted chrstening dress for a tiny doll from Wendy Lawton as a “thank you.”

Jafry in the christening dress

Here are some of my other photo entries.


Joy on the 4th or July


Bobbsey Twins with my childhood story book


A walk in the woods


Playing paper dolls


Red Riding Hood meets the wolf


Ready for Trick or Treat

Dolls give me platform for play, which I think more adults could use. Or maybe I am just a grown-up kid.

This is the year I am starting a blog. With quilting, dolls, recipes, travel, kids, family and friends, there are so many things happening I want to share and remember.

Yesterday Ted helped the kids choose from our collection of antique toy stoves to do some kid baking. The stoves were all a bit dusty and the smell when they were plugged in was not promising. After an hour or so of mixing giggling and timing, the smells improved as the little cakes baked.

Yes, it really works!

Yes, it really works!


An older version

An older version


Checking progress with a flash light

Please try it--

Please try it–