joy quilt hand sewingg

Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt Club, the quilt club I belong to, has a wonderful project going. Members make small quilts, less the two feet square, and small stuffed animals or dolls are wrapped inside. These little bundles are then given to police and social workers who come into contact with traumatized children.  They have a small gift the can give the child to comfort and distract in the time of stress.   Recently more and more of the little bundles have been requested. Our local hospital has purchased a device that can sanitize toys and blankets and they are now requesting them.  Some of the foster children placed in our home have arrived carrying a small stuffed animal wrapped in a quilt.

So, I decided to join the group that is making the little quilts. My goal was 10 quilts for the month.

I had fun going through my scraps and choosing fabrics with themes children would like.  Each quilt is different

The group of my very oldest friends, some from 4th grade, came together for a retreat  a couple of weeks ago and I got some of them to help. I ended up with a colorful group of quits that I hope will be a comfort to some children.

joy bindings - Copy

Preparing the bindings

joy abc - Copy

joy frog - Copy
joy frog small - Copy

joy elaine - Copy

Made by my friend Elaine

joy barb - Copy

Made by my friend Barb

joy finished - Copy

joy doll - Copy

Ready to go!

joy peanutsp

joy wrapped and ready