Last week the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe sponsored a drum making class for kids.  We were the first ones there and eager to get to work.  First Raven selected a round of deer hide which had been soaking and was soft and pliable.  Next he punched holes in a circle around the edge using a paper pattern.

Raven tapping

Raven tapping holes in the deer hide

raven gets help laying out the ddrum

The drum frames were wooden circles made of plywood.  He got help centering the drum frame on the hide and began stringing the the holes together.

He did a great job of stringing, the strings nice and tight.

weavingg the strings

Seneca worked at a different table.

Seneca gets help

And within a an hour or two they each had a drum.  However the deer hide needed to dry before the drum would make a sound.   That took three days.

Seneca is very proud of hers and was happy to show me.

Seneca finished

Ravemn's finished drumo

Raven was proud but shy

We are grateful to the tribe for making this experience possible.  They are set to join the Drum Group again this year.

Here they are on the first day of school.


Raven is turning out for football.

Seneca first day of school

Lucky aren’t we!!