beach bucket of clamst

Razor clam dig this weekend! Clams are protected and there are only a few days during the year when digging is allowed. We try to be here at Ocean Shores for these dates, we love razor clams! Ted and I are both from this area and have memories of digging clams as kids, dragging gunny sacks of clams across the beach behind our parents who generally did the digging. Diggers are now limited to 15 clams each. But we find that 25 or 30 clams is enough for our family to eat fresh, the best way to enjoy them.

bech ted digs

The digging time depends on when the tide is low and that is often in the evening. Clams are only dug during the cold months, which often means digging at night by the light of  Coleman lanterns. However, this weekend the low tide is late in the afternoon, which makes digging much nicer.

beach two diggers

The weather was about as good as it gets, cloudy but with no wind and no rain. Beach is spectacular in gray and silver with the sun reflecting off of the sand. The beach is nearly empty as our diggers walk down to the shore to dig. The digging process itself is wet and sandy, and unexpected waves often roll in to fill boots and shoes with water. It is all good fun though and within a half hour or 45 minutes we have enough.

All who dig are required to help clean the clams. It is a process that takes awhile as all sand must be removed.   They are fried immediately.

beach reacy to eat

This is one of the special treats we get to enjoy as a part of living this area and we are grateful!

beach sen and tif eating