If you asked any of our children what special Christmas food is their favorite, most would say, “Christmas bread.” I bake it each Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning we eat it while unwrapping the packages.

I was a little late getting going on it this year and about 3 o’clock on Christmas Eve I was ready to start. But I realized that if I started at three, it would be risen and ready to bake just as we were  to leave for church.  So, I decided to wait, start it a little later and let the dough rise while we were at church and bake it after church.


All went according to plan, when we got home from church the dough was perfectly risen and ready to roll out. I rolled the dough, filled it with cinnamon, raisins, walnuts and sugar and formed the bread rings.  Then I put them on pans to rise again before baking, which takes about a half hour.

I got busy doing the things a parent does on Christmas Eve and was ready to go to bed when I next thought of them, they had risen and risen until the little cell walls had burst and then fallen, almost flat. There was nothing to do but go ahead and bake them  though they came out rather flat.  I figured frosting and cherries would help hide the problem.

The Christmas bread was a hit as usual.   I am probably the only one who knew that it was less the perfect this year.   This morning our little foster boy had the last bite.  That little guy loves my cooking!!

And if you would like a copy of the Christmas bread recipe, send me an email!



Last to be added are the cherries.