a bin

A bin of scraps

a basket

A basket of scraps

I am a scrap collector. I have several bins like this one, full of sewing scraps.   And I love to go through them and pull out the scraps to sew together to create a new quilt.  One of the simplest ways to do this is to sew the scraps into “strings.”

a dryer

Dryer sheets

A long

A long strip

I start by collecting strips from the bins, and cutting strips from small pieces if necessary. These strips are sewn onto dryer sheets to hold them firmly together. They seem to go together in what order I place them and I love the effect when I  stand back view them as a whole.  I have a way to go to finish up this project.  It is a very satisfying process to be able to create something from scraps.

a part of string

Strips going together

a more strings

Up close

a string

A finished quilt