Old bank

“Tuesday is bank day” read the small poster that hung in the front of our classroom from the time I was in the first grade. And every Tuesday we brought our nickels and dimes in envelopes and they were sent off to a bank.  We kept a record in a small book and once all of the pages in the book were full it was sent off for a new book that showed our current  balance, PLUS interest, a wonderful concept!

I was a faithful saver and late in 4th grade my balance reached $100. I was just finishing 6th grade when I spent almost the whole amount, $120.

My grandparents were driving to New York.   I flew there and met them and I rode back to Seattle with them.  It was $120 for a one way ticket and I flew in an old propeller plane, changing planes once in Minneapolis.  All by myself.  It was a thrill.  In New York we visited the Empire State Building, Coney Island, and  also saw the Liberty Bell.  It was the adventure that  began my love of travel.

I continued to deposit my nickels and dimes into the account and when Ted and I got married I had a nice nest egg.

I have maintained that saving account all these years, about 65 I believe. Recently the bank was bought out by another bank and the name changed, somehow it wasn’t quite the same.  Ted has our money in a different bank and so I moved my account to Ted’s bank for convenience but I continue to deposit odd and ends into it and this week I plan to buy a sewing machine with money from that account.

A lifelong habit of saving? It worked for me.