from the side

The part of the house with the tower.




Mixing paint, Seneca assists

Twenty years ago we built a Victorian style house. It is a great “container” for our many collections and is a fun house to live in.   However, two years ago we noticed that the outside needed painting. We checked with a housepainter and learned it would cost $24,000 have it done. (gulp) That included power washing and a fork lift to paint the high parts of the tower.

So, Ted set to work, painting on nice days when the weather was warm enough. He started on the lower porch and worked his way up.  This year he was finished– except for the tower. Next year, he thought.

And then, an unexpected stretch of warm weather came, he had no excuse but to start on it.   The tower is roughly 45 feet at the highest point.   He began with the help of a 40 foot ladder, which he tells me will only extend to 36 feet, he was able to reach most places.


It is a long way up there

He claims it is sturdy but I see him wavering up there and coming down to rest his nerves often.   Today he is painting the backside.  Raven and Jesus are called in often to move the ladder, with one that long it is challenging.


Don’t wave, please!

Afraid of heights? Not Ted, especially when there was $24,000 at stake. And by the time the house needs painting again, we will be gone!!

looking up

From the front