Old toothpaste

Family Toothpaste

A couple of years ago, six or seven of the women who live up here at Lake Dawn formed a book club.  We take turns choosing a different book each month and then read and discuss it.   In May we read Barbara Kingsolver’s book “Flight Behavior” and one of the themes was the fact that the main character had given up many of her dreams to marry at a very young age and become a parent.    This lead to a discussion and someone asked if any of us had been married young and never lived alone.  I was not the only one who went from my parents home to married life at a young age.  Luckily things turned out well, and 53 years later I am very grateful to have made such a good decision when I was still very young.

New toothpaste

My very own toothpaste

A few days ago I was thinking about toothpaste and how I have never had toothpaste of my own, I have always shared the family toothpaste.    I decided to step out and purchase my own.  I found that it now comes in a variety  containers types  and I purchased one in Pink Grapefruit flavor.  I love using my new toothpaste and I don’t know why I didn’t think of this long ago.   And I feel very independent using my very own toothpaste.