Else, who has been with us as a foster child for several weeks, celebrated her 16th birthday this week. We are all working toward reunited her with her mother and family and she is able to spend quite a bit of time with her mother. She celebrated her birthday with her family but we wanted to have a little celebration with her too.

Several quilters have given me quilts to be shared with our foster kids as I have found that the kids really like them and are comforted by them. I was so pleased that a box arrived from a quilter in California just before the birthday. Else slowly unwrapped the package and was thrilled.

else wrapper

We wrapped her in it, a traditional Native custom when giving a blanket, and she sat in the living room admiring it for a long time. She has been given a room of her own in her mother’s new home and one of her gifts from her family was purple pillows. I haven’t seen them but Else thinks it will all go together very nicely. I made a label and sewed it into the back of the quilt. It has her name, the date and wishes her a happy 16th birthday.

The lady who made the quilt said that the squares came from a block exchange and that many people had contributed.  It is fun to think of several people who will never meet or know each other sharing with a girl who really needs to feel acknowledged and special. It warms my heart to know that there are folks out there who share!

else with S and M