Kids love seeing the fire truck up close.

Fire hats

Here they were told what to do in the event of an earthquake

Little kids are so enthusiastic. I got to help with Safety Fair at the Elwha Head Start this week and it was such fun to see the little guys. Police, firemen, and emergency preparedness folks were there to talk with the kids and show them their equipment.   I talked with the children about using 911, what constitutes an emergency and how to actually dial 911 on the phone.   Fifty-six kids were amazingly attentive and should all have a better idea of how to respond to an emergency.

Later in the day I went with the grade school children from the Lower Elwha After School Program on a field trip to the museum maintained by the local Historian Society. These kids are a little harder to impress, or so I thought, but in teams they searched for items on a list, which gave an incentive to see everything. A favorite thing the wooden school desks bolted to the floor, with flop up seats and ink wells, just like what we used as kids.  They also liked the phone booth with an early phone, and a Victrola which was demonstrated with a flourish and played “Ciribiribin.” Check this link to hear Harry James!


The demonstration of a wind-up Victrola held the kids attention



wooden school desk

Old wooden school desk

Raven played in the All City Orchestra performance this week. This orchestra included all 600 strings students in the district playing the same song at the same time. Raven’s favorite was, “That ‘William’ song” otherwise known as the William Tell Overture.

Raven bass

Raven plays in the all city orchestra

Last night our family attended the annual meeting of the Dungeness River Audubon Center at the charming park facility located beside the Dungeness River. We are members and the mission is to inspire understanding, enjoyment and stewardship of the Olympic Peninsula’s unique natural and cultural resources… Our kids have gone to science camps and field trips sponsored by this organization and they emphasize learning while enjoying the beauty and learning about human responsibility for our environment.
dungeness audubon society

Of course the kids came home with wet feet and I won the door prize, a lovely salad bowl painted with Native designs.


salad bowl

I love the door prize I won

So, it has been a busy week and while exposing our kids we get exposed too, aren’t we lucky!!