spring morning three

Lake Dawn on a lovely spring morning

It is a beautiful Saturday morning here at Stillwater with fresh snow on the mountains again. The sun is reflecting off of the snow, the lake is flat and reflective also and our daffodils are still blooming. A great weekend for quilting.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I have heard some whispering going on. Seneca could not wait for me to open the card she made, and I was really touched, a greeting in Klallam. I have it on the windowsill.

Mother's day sized

Mother’s Day card from Seneca

This week Raven used his own money, bought a fishing lure, and caught two respectable fish before he lost it. Fortunately he believes in catch and release and he said that one of the fish was one he caught last year!!


Raven caught this beauty from our dock

Our last four foster kids have been teenagers. They bring a different challenge, but so far so good.    The kids do enjoy having them.

Last night the three of them spent the evening looking on the internet for name for the kitten Seneca is fostering for the Humane Society. There were several kittens but the mother had a chest infection and one by one the others have caught it and died. Mom has disappeared too, sadly, so the sole survivor is being fed with a syringe.   They were hoping to give it a Klallam name, but they are not in agreement, the little guy may end up with more than one name. I am just hoping he survives.


humane Society

Picking up the kittens at the Humane Society


The survivor

My new job working for the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe is presenting new challenges. I am working on a plan to be sure that kids with mental health issues are plugged into available services.  It is 3/4 time so I have time for other things too. It is bringing me into contact with people I enjoy and should result in kids getting the services they need.

So, that is what is going on at the Ripley house, Ted is out walking for exercise and I should probably be joining him but my sewing machine is calling!!

rainbow ready to assemble

Rainbow blocks ready to assemble