black and brights

I made this colorful quilt for our daughter to use when she got out of the hospital in early February

During the three months the that the little foster babies were with us I got very little quilting done. Since they returned to their mother a month ago, I have been so productive!! I have two fairly new quilting tools that are helping, the first is the quilting frame and the second a gadget that makes cutting blocks quick and accurate. Ted loves playing with this making things to even faster for me!!

I made several quilts for foster children.


This I made for the girl who has been with us for the past month. I like it because it is feminine but not girly. She likes it too!

foster with bubbles

Quilt for a foster child in flannel, can you find the error?

monkey foster child

Another quilt for a future foster child, I call it “Monkeys.”

Monkey close

Monkeys up close

Ted was so enthusiastic about cutting the monkey blocks that he cut twice as many as I needed. So I made two, the second will go to the new great grandson of a friend of mine.

Tanner on frame

Tanner’s graduation quilt on the quilting frame

If you know Tanner, don’t tell him, I hope it will be a surprise.

Card holder

I made several of these card holders

Card holder inside

This will hold a credit card and drivers license and off you can go!


My attempt at a modern quilt

I have wanted to try a modern quilt, and I designed this one. It it small, a wall hanging, and I’ll take it with us on our upcoming vacation to work on while traveling. I am hand quilting it.

tumbler with border

This tumbler quilt will go on our bed when I get it quilted.

I do enjoy the quilting, I like the putting the colors together and like using scraps to make something useful and pretty.   It is very satisfying.   I have had many teachers along the way, mostly friends who have given me tips and answered questions.   I still have so much to learn, there is always a new challenge.