cat earings 2

Cat earrings from Seneca and Raven


Yep, today is my birthday.  When I got up this morning (very early) I had two messages, one from a friend in Japan, another from a former foster child.  Neither was expected, a nice birthday surprise.

Ted made me an absolutely fabulous birthday apple pie.  He is very good at it.  The kids, with Dad’s help, gave me a pair of my favorite kind of earrings.  I wonder who thought cats would be a good idea?   We celebrated yesterday because the kids and I have 4-H tonight and won’t get home until their bed time. Friends joined us for dinner.

Another nice surprise was a call from my brother in Thailand.  There were cards, calls and email from my sister, daughters, grandchildren, a cousin and friends, it all makes me feel very special.

A big question around here is “How old is Mom?”  The kids are a little uncomfortable having “older” parents so we haven’t really talked about our exact ages.  They do a lot of guessing and actually are getting closer.  But if you want to figure it out:   I don’t remember Pearl Harbor but I came into the world just three months after.

mom quilting machine

One goal for this year is to learn to use this quilting machine