We spent the week following Christmas at our Ocean Shores place where I keep most of my quilting supplies and equipment.  My plan was to finish a several projects so I could get started on new projects in the new year.

This bright pink and turquoise quilt was made with pre-cut squares which I used when I was recovering from my broken arm to reduce the amount of cutting required.    It didn’t take long to sew it together but I decided to hand quilt it which takes me a long time.  I finally finished the quilting this week, and sewed on the binding.


Next I needed to make 15 red twirling star blocks for the exchange I have been participating in.    We have done squares of a different color every six weeks for nearly a year, and the red ones are last.  Soon I’ll be able to start thinking about how to put the squares together.

more red

Red blocks for the Rainbow Twirling Star block exchange

red squares in process

Assembling the red twirling star blocks


Sample of finished rainbow variety of blocks

And I got the borders on a blue and white scrap quilt I put together this fall. Each of the blue squares is different, it takes lots time to do the cutting and in some ways it is a waste of time, but it uses up scraps and I have some lovely blue fabric is very small pieces.


Blue and white with borders attached

blue full

This quilt is too large for me to photograph inside


On New Year’s day I participated in an on-line mystery quilt project.  We were given clues throughout the day and it wasn’t until evening that we got an idea of what the quilt would look like, lots of fun as those participating chatted throughout the day on Facebook, and the group email list.  Mine is made of flannel and will be available for a foster child this year.


Pink flannel mystery block

My quilting goal for the new year is to be able to use the quilting machine that is sitting near my computer.    I have been trying to give a quilt to each foster child that comes to us, they do love them, but in 2013 we had 31 different children.  I couldn’t keep up, though some friends have helped!  The quilting machine will help too, once I have it figured out.

So, let 2014 begin!!