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mushroom red 3

Ocean Shores, where we spend many weekends,   has a damp and cool climate, perfect for a variety of mushrooms.  I really know nothing about mushrooms and wouldn’t consider eating more than one or two varieties that I have known for many years, but I do enjoy hunting for them, they can be beautiful.

Last Sunday I took a walk at one of my favorite mushroom sites and these are examples if  what I found.

As I said I know nothing about these except that they are beautiful and interesting.  Raven and I found a colorfully illustrated mushroom book in the library but we could not positively identify any of them.

So, I will continue to visit this area in the fall and if you are  a person who knows mushrooms and you get to Ocean Shores in the fall, I’d be glad to show you my spot, in exchange for information about these little beauties.

mushroom baked potato mushroom bear paw mushroom brown pillow mushroom cup 4t mushroom cup mushroom elf flat mushroom elf mature mushroom elf mushroom orange spotted mushroom orange with red center mushroom purple center mushroom red mushroom toasted marshmallow mushroom umbrella Mushrooms flat and brown