Candy treats

Treats for the Veterans

Today is Veteran’s Day.  Ted had some things he needed to do so when volunteers were needed to help prepare and serve dinner to the Lower Elwha Klallam Veterans, Seneca, Raven and I said we could do it.  I asked what time we would be needed and was a bit surprised to hear that work would start at 8:30 AM.    We were there though, and not the first to arrive.

The week before the kids had been talking about veterans at the Lower Elwha Klallam After School Program.  They had learned to say “Thank you for your service” in the Klallam language and had made cards for tribal veterans.  So, helping fix a special dinner for them sounded kind of like fun.

We were put right to work making salad, washing the tomatoes, mixing various types of lettuce and adding pecans and raspberries, this was to be no everyday salad!

Making Salad

Our first job was to prepare the salads

Next we went to where Arlene (Pebbles) the leader of the singing and drumming group was making fry bread.  I asked if I could try doing it, and I quickly learned that the dough is very sticky.  I made several attempts and each one improved!

Merrily sticky--

Sticky fry bread dough

keep trying

Second try was better

Fry bread cooking

Fry bread cooking

fry bread expert 2

The fry break expert!

Then I helped inspect and cut up new potatoes and by then Seneca and Raven were outside playing. I chopped a heap of garlic for elk stew and I can smell those garlic fumes. Elk stew and barbecue pork were being prepared by others.

elk stew

Checking the elk stew-

The kids helped load food into the vans as the meal was to be served at newly dedicated Veteran’s Center, a few miles away.   It was all set out and ready to be served before the appointed hour of 2:00.  Many veteran’s were in inform.  There were a few speeches and prayers, then the special meal was enjoyed by about 75 people. The members of the singing and drumming group including Seneca and Raven, sang a few songs including Prayer Song, Wind that Holds the Families Together , and the Help Song.

coming through line

Veterans lining up

more in line

Lots of food

finally helpers get to eat

Finally Seneca and Raven got to eat

This experience gave us all a new appreciation of the contribution of Veterans.

Arlene had given me the extra fry bread dough in a gallon bag and I was going to try cooking some at home.  When we got to the car after the dinner we saw that the dough had outgrown the bag and was spreading over the seat of the car.  The kids found this quite amusing!

popped out of bag

The dough “grew.”

Klallam sign