Riot of color

A paintbox of colors

Raven’s 12th  birthday was last week and since we had a hotel coupon that was about to expire, we decided to celebrate by staying at at the  BEST WESTERN PLUS Peppertree Auburn Inn in Auburn, which has a nice pool.  We planned to find some special activities in that area. We spent Saturday at Wild Waves, then checked in. In the hotel lobby we noticed folks in elaborate Native costumes and learned that there was to be a Pow Wow that night hosted by the Muckleshoot Nation.
We found our way to the Pow Wow grounds and walked toward the tents as folks were gathering for the Grand Entry where flags are presented and hundreds of dancers participate.

Dancers 3

Woman Dancers

dancers 2

Like wings–

Dancers 1

More woman dancers

This is the 10th annual Pow Wow held to honor Veterans. Dancers and drummers from tribes across the country were represented but most were from Eastern Washington and Idaho. Over 500 dancers were registered and dancing continued into until 1:30 AM, we were told, though we didn’t stay that long. There were dance competitions and some large cash prizes.

Big sister

Big sister waits for her turn to participate

The regalia was colorful and elaborate. There was a great variety of fabrics decorated with beading, feathers, buttons, bells, teeth, streamers and ribbons.


Detailed decoration

beaded leather bag and fan

Beaded bag and feather fan

Our kids participate with the Salish Canoe tribes whose regalia is primarily black, red and white so this was very different.

better from behind

Detail from the back

male dancer

Male Dancer

The music was different also, higher in pitch, it seemed to be sung more randomly rather than as a chorus.  Drumming is done on a large circular drum, three feet or so in diameter. Several drummers seat themselves around the drum and play together.

We got a little of the excitement on video.

The Drum

Drummers seated around one large drum

We felt lucky to have “stumbled” on this event, it gave us a chance to observe Native traditions that are very different from those we have experienced from “canoe” tribes.

Mt Rainier

View from our hotel room, majestic Mt. Rainier