Ready for the holiday

Today is Memorial Day, the day to honor those who have defended our country.  I cannot agree with all of the things our government has done since I have been old enough to vote but still I am grateful to be where I live without fear and I am very grateful to those men and women who fought to create our country and to those who continue to keep it free.

To celebrate I have created a tribute in patriotic dolls.    The first represents a soldier from Desert Storm.  Created by Madame Alexander.  Note that that this soldier is both a woman and African American.   Freedom for women and African Americans has certainly increased in my life time.  Go little soldier!

Patriotic Desert Storm

Dessert Storm

Betsy Ross is given credit for creating the symbol of our country, the flag.  These dolls, Betsy and her friend The Patriot were created by Wendy Lawton.


Betsy Ross and the Patriot by Wendy Lawton

Patriotic Zaundria is a more modern girl, a BJD or ball jointed doll, she can be posed in many positions and here is wearing a dress originally designed for Ginny.


Zaundria, a BJD

Joy, who is my favorite doll, is wearing the red, white and blue but the style of the “old world.”  For this photo she is pictured with her friend the Annalee mouse. Another Wendy Lawton doll.


Joy by Wendy Lawton

Red Riding Hood is not a doll that would be thought of as being “patriotic” but this version in red, white and blue was given to me by Ted for my last birthday, she begged to be included in this collection of photos. She is from Madame Alexander.


Amelia is the latest addition to my doll collection, just four inches tall, she is sitting on a peanut.  She wears tiny clothing originally made for a doll in the Barbie doll family.


Amelia, 4 inches tall, sits on a peanut.


Patriotic Group

Dolls are more than a hobby for me, I have a doll shop which is now on-line only.  To see other lovely dolls go to Apple Tree Dolls & Bears or dollsnbears.com.

Yesterday Ted and I watched the movie “Lincoln” with our kids who are 8 and 11.  They seemed to understand the story of the Emancipation Proclamation.  It gave us a good opportunity to discuss the evolution of “freedom.”   It shows what people were willing to sacrifice for their country and why change needed to happen.

We have had more than a half inch of gentle rain so far this weekend.  Playing with dolls and watching movies is not a bad way to spend a holiday, with some time left for quilting of course!!

I love to read your comments.