Today I have been photographing dolls for my doll store web site.  Some are new dolls and some are dolls that are being moved from the old web site to the new one.    I love having contact with the dolls, posing them and trying to get them in the best light.  They are dressed so nicely with their hair perfectly arranged.  They never fuss or argue or make a mess.   Here are some of my favorites from this morning.

These two are creations of Wendy Lawton, from California.  Wendy has created many dolls over the years and she took heads, wigs and clothing from 100 of them, mixed them up and created 100 one-of-a-kind dolls.    The dolls are 9 inches tall with detailed clothing and beautiful wigs.

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These two are by Lynne and Michael Roche of England.  She sculpts the heads and works with the clothing while he creates wooden jointed bodies for each doll.  Again, the clothing is detailed and charming.

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This doll is more of a play doll.  She is Betsy McCall, after the paperdoll that appeared in the McCall’s magazine when I was little.   Betsy is vinyl and is also jointed.  She is about 8 inches tall.


I have loved dolls all of my life.  My parents were in the toy business and I sold dolls and toys while in high school and college. It was a natural for Ted and me to develop a doll business in the 1990s.    I miss personal interaction with the customers but get to know many of them through email as they make their selections from our on-line shop.     You can the dolls at Apple Tree Dolls and Bears .