Family Chickens

Salt Lake City

The longest stop on our trip was in Salt Lake City, where our daughter Robin lives with her husband Ryan and two teenagers Tanner and Thea and 11 year old Maya.  We did so many things during our visit that it is hard to know where to start.

They live in an older neighborhood with lots of trees and they have a large lot, with a chicken house and several different colored laying hens.  Seneca and Raven wanted to check for eggs several times a day.

Their house is small for a family of five and it is seems even smaller as they have two very large dogs,  100 to 125 pounds each, named Alta and Bella.  They are Leonberger dogs and well trained and calm, but they take up a lot of space in the house.


Alta and Bella

The day after we arrived was a skiing day for the their kids, and skiing is one of the reasons they like Salt Lake City.  Seneca and Raven had never been on skis, but Ryan is a patient teacher and by the end of the first day they could both ride the rope tow and made a couple of runs off of the lower chair as well at Alta. Ted went along and skied too.  Robin and I went shopping!

Ready for skiing

Seneca getting dressed for skiing

Raven skiing

Raven gets started.

Robin took me to the most amazing ethnic food store.  They had Asian food of every variety, including items from Central Asia.  I bought some adorable little egg plants and made an egg plant curry for dinner with Thea’s help.  She and Maya made Phad Thai.

Egg plant

Cute little egg plants

Thea cooking

Thea and Maya both cook.

Egg plant and Pad thai

Phad Thai and egg plant.

The kids had fun just hanging out together and Thea and Maya made up a very creative Easter Egg hunt for them using clues that required some head scratching.  But we all went to the IMAX theater, a first for Seneca and Raven and we went to hear the Morman Tabernacle Choir.

Robin took the photo of the chickens at the top of this blog and when a dear friend of mine died earlier this year she sent me the photo saying it made her think of Joan and me talking intently.  So, I made a wall hanging which pictured the chickens and she hung it in the kitchen.   Quilters who see this may think it looks a little familiar, it is similiar to one on the cover of one of Gwen’s books.


The banner I made for Robin using the photo of her chickens

robin discussing

Robin with the chicken on the banner

The night before we left we sat around the table enjoying each other’s company. So nice to be with family.

Three cuties

Thea, Maya, and Gramma Merrily

And on our way to Arizona, Seneca and Raven spotted this sign which was their favorite.

snakes and scorpions

The sign warns of poisonous snakes and insects in the area, would that include scorpions?