view.jpg”>Desert view

From Phoenix we drove through dry landscape to Death Valley. We spent a couple of hours at the Interpretative Center in at the National Park, they had some very well done exhibits explaining how plants and animals exist with the very small amount of rain that falls. We figured it can rain as much in a day at Ocean Shores as it does in Death Valley in a year.

Desert view 2

Desert view 3

Seneca took some lovely desert flower photos.
yellow flower full<

purple flower  small
Spiny flower

Spiny flower

White flower

White flower and a rusty can!



Dad and Seneca on the desert

Dad and Seneca on the desert

We did a lot of talking about what it meant to be below sea level, the kids concluded that it mostly meant “hot.” It was in the high 90s on the desert floor. Not a particularily hot day for Death Valley.

Sea Level

Sea Level, same as home but windy!

A highlight of the visit was walking out onto the sand dunes at night to listen to the Park Ranger tell Native stories about the stars. We sat on quilts and watched the stars come out, and because there is little surrounding light the stars were very bright.  However it was a windy night and she wasn’t able to tell as many stories as usual, she finished early and we made our way back to the car through the dust.

Desert Sunset

The sky turned from yellow to pink

Dunes at night, getting ready for stories

On the sand dunes, getting ready for stories

We spent the night at place called Stove Pipe Wells, and the kids were delighted to find a nice pool. Early next morning we on our way again. Our next stop is Fresno.

Last death valley

Last views of Death Valley