Heather, one of our twins daughters, lives with her husband Bryan in Phoenix. Bryan is a EMT/firefighter who works in Lake Stevens, WA.   He commutes to Phoenix and left the day after we arrived on a flight to Seattle, but his shift was over and he was back before we left. It was nice to spend a day relaxing and catching up at their home once we arrived in the Phoenix area.

Next day we visited The  Heard Museum in Phoenix.  It focuses on Native American cultures, especially from the Southwest, and Seneca and Raven were pleased to find a Northwest exhibit included. We learned lots of new things and it was nice to have Heather along.

Northwest tribes

Northwest Native display at the Heard Museum


Seneca sculpture

Seneca liked this “sculpture,” a new vocabulary word for her.

The next day was Easter.
I am not big on Easter Egg Hunts, I’d like to have the family dressed up a bit and in church on Easter morning. But we had heard about a very big event at a Phoenix hotel and decided to do it. The petting zoo was setting up when we arrived and it was a big hit with Seneca. She especially liked the little pig.

petting area

Seneca loved the petting zoo

Seneca with animals

Seneca with the sheep

We walked out toward the golf course where they said 25,000 eggs had been scattered, not hidden, mind you. They were in two areas, one for little kids and one for the over 6 year old kids. About then a helicopter approached, and sure enough it was the Easter Bunny looking out. After a safe landing, the egg hunt began. It was more like a scramble and Seneca and Raven were each able to scoop up a dozen or more, more candy than they needed.

The hunt begins

The eggs were hard to see from a distance but we were told there were 25,000 eggs scattered.

Seneca finds a quiet spot to crack upen her eggs

Seneca finds a quiet spot to open her eggs

Monday we were scheduled to meet an old friend of mine from grade school. Jan lives in Sun City, which as far as I know it is the largest retirement “community” there is. She had us come to the pool there so the kids could swim while we caught up a bit. She packed a lovely lunch for us, and we got a sense of what it would be like to retire to Arizona, which I don’t believe will happen!

Next day we went to the Musical Instrument Museum, an amazing place, check the web site and see the video. Again the kids were pleased to see the Northwest Native culture represented. Everyone is given a head set and receiver to wear through the museum and as they approached this area they could hear the familiar Tlingit music and film of the Celebration we attended last summer in Juneau.

kids and cactus 2

Northwest Native music was represented by Tlinget song and dance

Seneca brass

Bonging the brass “bowls”

We had planned to spend the next two nights with our other twin daughter, Holly and her husband Jason, but they were both quite sick with colds and sinus infection, so at Jan’s suggestion we made reservations to spend two nights in Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget. We had been to Las Vegas once for a convention and didn’t like it that well, but Jan said this hotel had a very special pool and she was right!

Raven plays with new friends

Raven plays with new friends while sharks swim–

Seneca swims in shark tank

Seneca likes seeing the sharks up close.

Tomorrow we head for Death Valley.