grand canyon 1

GC a different view

Grant Canyon 3

Nothing can really prepare one for the grandeur of Grand Canyon. It is so much larger, more colorful and simply “grander” than my imagination can hold, though I have been to the south canyon rim several times. The kids were awed as well, and Ted took dozens of photos.

S and R at GC

Ted says there is evidence that the area has been occupied by humans for 13,000 years. It was hard to believe there were so many people there, we had been driving on mostly deserted roads but once there, we realized that folks from all over the world were visiting and we could hear the hum of a variety of languages. The Ranger’s presentation was given with the Canyon as the background.

Ranger lecture

Driving on to Phoenix we saw an amazing variety of wild flowers, orange, yellow, lavender, and red, as well as cactus, the huge guys. We hope to get a walk on the dessert to be able to get some close up photos. What an amazing world we inhabit!
We are now staying with Heather and Bryan, today we will visit the Heard Museum to learn more about Native cultures.