arch 2Cactus 2walk to archwith treeframed archArches National Park–we have waited a long time to visit this natural wonder.  Yesterday as we traveled through Utah we got to see the amazing rock formations.  According to the information we were given these formation were created because of unusual rock combinations, water erosion and time.  The kids loved it and we couldn’t begin to see it all in one day.   We are spending the night in Moab, Utah.

We also visited the Prehistoric Museum in Price, Utah.  There were no other visitors there at the  moment and someone brought out a dinosaur egg for the kids to hold.  Seneca’s favorite part was sweeping the sand from dinosaur bones in a special discovery exhibit for kids.

Unearthing bones

Seneca unearthing bones with a brush

Goofy kids with dinasours

Goofy kids and Dinosaur Bones

Dinasour egg

Dinosaur egg

Covered wagonIn wagonThe kids are missing school so we are trying to make this an educational experience, which is not difficult, there is so much to see and learn.  Raven had studied the Oregon Trail last year so was interested in visiting Glenn’s Ferry where wagon trains had crossed the Snake River.