close up of boy quilt

The Little Boy Quilt I made recently now belongs to a little boy. He and his two sisters were brought to our foster home this week with nothing. We had about an hour of warning that they were coming. They are a beautiful little group, ages 5 to 8. We are given very little information about kids who come to us, but from their frightened, unsmiling expressions we knew they had been through something unpleasant.

The girls go to the same school as Seneca and Raven and they brightened when they realized that they would be staying with “friends.”

It was nearly supper time and fortunately Ted had purchased a family sized pack of drum sticks the night before. I fixed other things most kids like including rice, carrot sticks, and applesauce. Our table was a little crowded with seven people but two of the kids ate well with one declaring, “I am not hungry.” After dinner they helped clear the table and I worked on homework with the older kids while the little boy played with Legos and little cars.

practicing spelling words

While the girls were bathing I asked the little guy which of the three quilts I had available he would like to have. He chose the one with the cars and trucks that I had pieced.  This was not a surprise, I had already noticed his love of cars and trucks. He wrapped himself in it and was ready for story time.

wrapping up

reading stories

Raven was enjoying being “big brother,” and cheerfully agreed to climb to the top bunk so the little guy  could sleep in the bottom. Amazingly they all went right to sleep, and they woke up with smiles in the morning. I was prepared for bad dreams or restless sleeping but it didn’t happen.

Sound asleep

Raven had a doctor’s appointment so I let him and the little guy sleep in. While I was getting dressed they woke up and when I came down, Raven had fixed breakfast for the two of them.
We got Raven to school, and the little guy busied himself playing with cars and trucks on the quilt, using the yellow border as the road. What a thrill to see the quilt being used and enjoyed, just as I had hoped it would be.

playing cars on the quilt 2

Later in the day I got a call saying the little guy’s father had been located and was available to care for him, so the caseworker came to get him. I asked him if he wanted to take the quilt with him and he nodded, went back to get it and carried in his arms as he went out to the car.
The girls returned and asked if we would all sit at the table again and pass the food around, this was evidently not their usual experience. We had a nice evening of homework and stories.
The next day I got a call saying an aunt had agreed to take the girls and they would be going with her later in the day. In the afternoon we were at school to pick up Seneca and Raven and the counselor happened by. She said the girls had told her what a good time they had had at their foster home, and mentioned the drum sticks we had had for supper. Then the principal popped up and said the school was grateful that we had “stepped up to the plate” for the girls.
It seems like such a little thing, providing for them for two nights, but I know that I won’t forget these three, and I suspect they will have good memories of staying with us. And I hope the little guy will continue to enjoy the quilt, I guess I’ll have to get busy and make another one.

I wish I had had quilts on hand so I could have given one to each of the girls as well. I’d like to encourage others to make small quilts, they are so comforting to children in crisis.